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juliana joy | birth

so i'm walking through costco (the way all good stories start) and i ran into Kendra, John, and Colby about a week before Kendra was scheduled to be induced. after talking through all the details (yes, in the appliance aisle) they asked me to come film the birth of their second little babe, a week later! i grew up going to church with Kendra and her family and it was so special to be there to capture the emotional, joy filled day that sweet Juliana was born. no one knew what they were having (including John and Kendra!) so it was a complete surprise and the happiest tears all around when they realize IT'S A GIRL.

this day is one i would repeat 100x over. it was the first birth i filmed and i *thought* this was the direction i wanted to take my business, but i really had no idea. and now i feel like i can't even explain how much i adore it in a way that isn't just gushing and rambling. it can be exhausting and most times unpredictable but so so worth it. and this is the day that i feel truly started it all for me. maybeeee grab tissues if you haven't already (really. like right now!!!)

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