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One of my favorite summer traditions?! SEEING THE STEVENSON FAMILY. Every year, for the last four years, they've asked me to come do a lifestyle session in whatever season of life they're living in and in that I've seen them transition to new homes, bring new babies into the fam (like this year... Ford is here!!!), and seeing the sweetest kids grow up and grow into little humans with little (and big) personalities is the best best thing. I could rave about my job all day. Could also rave about this family all day because they just get me when it comes to capturing the normal life -- the moments and conversations with kids that may often go unnoticed. I love that Justin and Brianna allow their kids to run free and just be themselves, doing what they love, and right now doing what they love looks like playing baseball in the dirt, splashing in puddles + mud and sometimes just bathing yourself in it. And I love it more than anything!!! At one point Charlie said "can I sit in the mud?" and Bri replied "whatever makes you happy!" and there she sat 😂 This house that will soon be made into their HOME that they've dreamt of for the last two years is almost ready and I love thinking about the videos in the past that we took in this very field... last year when it was just an open field and this year where it will soon be the home they raise their babies in. So so special. Just like the Stevensons!!!


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