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teagan mae | birth

Flashback to 9 months ago when Brett and Becky created a fake email address in order to keep their secret a little longer... they were having a baby (!!!!!) and reached out as soon as they found out to make sure I’d be available 😭 Enter: Bill and Abbey Hamilton. I remember seeing this specific email in my inbox and responding, not thinking anything seemed suspicious. Then I got a FaceTime call right before Christmas… “Vanessa… *laughter for about two minutes* we have to tell you something… we’re Paul and Abbey” and you can imagine the SHOCK on my face, finding out they fooled me AND were having a baby!!!! I filmed Lindy's birth less than two years ago and now it was time for Lindy to meet her baby... SISTER! Becky and her sister Kendra are *known* for always keeping the gender a surprise and every single time, there's a celebration in the delivery room. From start to finish, this day was just a dream come true. Happy tears alllll over the place and I just couldn't be happier for this family of four!!! <3

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