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benjamin micah | newborn

one of those sessions that i'm like "do i actually want to finish this?" because it's so cute and sweet and i just wanna be a part of this family so i never ACTUALLY want the editing to end.

The Olberholzer's are some of the most wonderful people. Like, truly. They are so kind and I felt like I had known Lori and Justin for more than just our short time together. As they are walking through a challenging season as a family, a few of their close friends decided to gift them a session with me and it was my honor and joy to capture the day Talia met her little brother, Benjamin Micah. He took her breath away (liiiiiterally) the first time she saw him and her sweet shyness quickly turned into excitement and love, as all she wanted to do was hold him (tears may have been shed when her daddy took a turn.) As soon as Benjamin would start to cry she would say "shhh baby shhh"... it's safe to say he will be well cared for and so very loved. :)

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