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bentley jaxon | birth

Lindsey and Travis are two of the most genuine and kind people and I was so honored when they asked me to be there for the birth of their first baby, Bentley Jaxon! He came three weeks early (like I have said before, babies wait for NO ONE) but thankfully Bentley DID wait for his dad to get there... who was in San Diego at the time. Travis rushed to get to the east coast as soon as possible, and made it just in time to be there with Lindsey when she started pushing. There was so much excitement and anticipation as Travis and Lindsey's mom, Kim, stood by Lindsey every step of the way. Bentley couldn't be more loved and cared for... we're all obsessed <3 Everyone just adores him and it was such a joy to meet this sweet family and help preserve the memories of this special day!

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