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hannah and brendan | proposal

Hannah's Christmas Plan: go to Vegas and spend a week with her family, snuggle new nephew.

Brendan's Christmas Plan: surprise Hannah in Vegas the day after Christmas with a ukulele and a ring, hope no one spills his secret.

My Christmas Plan: Insert myself into their Christmas plan.

before i get to the *really* good stuff, let me tell you about how we got there (cause you definitely care.)

Hannah is one of my closest friends, so the months leading up to her trip to Vegas, there mayyyyy have been a few arguments that I heard about... all surrounding why Brendan thought it was a "totally stupid idea" to spend Christmas in a warm place, across the country from his family who was spending the holiday in Vermont. So they agreed to spend Christmas apart (ask them if this was a sore subject though)... Fast forward to when I get an instagram message from Brendan (had to be insta cause Hannah is the nosiest person but AREN'T WE ALL) about two weeks before Christmas, telling me the plan for his proposal. My palms definitely started sweating as I read that he was planning to fly out of Boston on Christmas night and surprise Hannah in Vegas, proposing the next morning in Red Rocks Canyon where Hannah's family would be. He knew Hannah wanted me there to film her proposal, ya know... *whenever* that may happen, but explained this perfect plan just kind of fell into place but it probably wouldn't work out since he wasn't be proposing in Lancaster. Before I was even finished reading his entire message I was already envisioning myself hidden in red rocks and Hannah's shock and I made up my mind there was no freakin way I was going to miss this. Flights were next to impossible to find to fly out on Christmas day but at this point my heart was already set on it and I decided I would walk there if I had to. Spoiler: didn't have to.

We arrived in Vegas on Christmas night, got about five hours of sleep (if you know me, your jaw is on the floor but yes, I was indeed able to fully function) and went to set up at the park where Hannah's family would be coming that morning to take a "family picture." Hannah's sister Kirsten then led her down the path to where "Hannah and Brendan" was written on a rock with a note (not shown in the video is the LITERAL 800 PEOPLE who decided it would be special for them to read this little letter addressed to Hannah before she got there. so cute) I was sweating so much and shaking and felt a liiiiiittle sick to my stomach and wanted to push every tourist who tried to talk to me off these cliffs and usually i can be like, SO COOL but I'm pretty sure Brendan was the only one keeping his cool. Everything went according to planned, no tourist were harmed and it was the HAPPIEST day there ever was when she said yes... (till THIS MAY!!!!) I have said it once, and I'll say it again and again and again. I litttttterally don't know how I got so lucky to have a job that allows me to be there for some of the most joy-filled celebrations in people's lives... strangers AND some of my very best friends. I feel so lucky and I wanna do this forever (proposals specifically *wink* *wink* wink*)

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