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jackson everett ralston | birth

had just brushed my teeth and smeared coconut oil all over my face (because you know it's a good moisturizer) when i got a text saying mariah is going into labor. now i'm tearing my room apart, changing out of pajamas and deciding workout pants and a sweater is the best hospital attire. on the 30 min drive to the hospital i'm trying to pump myself up by listening to bruno mars because it's already 45 mins past my bedtime while i'm also running through all the things i would say to a cop if i got pulled over for speeding. you'd think i'd be stressed (ok i was) but it actually made me feel like jack bauer would probably be proud of me and it was worth it all because on wednesday morning, the sensenich family welcomed their perfect *actually perfect* baby jackson into the world!! (also tell me how Mariah looks this beautiful after labor?!) sleepless nights are nothing when you have the honor of experiencing these beautiful moments and i'll never stop being grateful to the families who welcome me into the most meaningful moments of their lives. Mariah is truly a champ/super mom and I love watching the way she and Bradley just adore little Jackson. <3

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